Fastest: 30 kph.

Biggest: seats 3.

Longest range: 50 to 100k.

Green: Full electric.

Cheap running: under $1 per 100k for electricity.

Warm and dry.

Safe and Healthy.

No licence.

No registration.

No warrant of fitness.

No age limit


NV Enclosed Mobility for NZ

Making tomorrow a better day for everyone.

Fastest: Top speed can be set at 7 kph, 15 kph and  30 kph.

Biggest: Seats for 3, means you could drop the kids at school or chuck the golf clubs in the back and go to the course for the day.

Longest range: 50 to 100 kilometres, to get you there and back.

Best hill climbing: 30 degrees ( 40 with 2 speed gearbox ).

Options Included: Radio, Heater, Usb port, dash cam etc.

Cheap to run, it will return 100 kilometres for less than $1 of electricity.

This is the only scooter that you can ride in the wet. Some days you just need to go out when its overcast or wet!

Parts stocked in New Zealand for over night courier.

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Funding and Finance:


How does the NV enclosed mobility scooter stack up against the competition ?

Price ? Speed ? Safety ? Quality ?  Range ? Value for money ?


Seeing is believing.

When you see what our scooters can do, you will be amazed.

Mobility Laws

Check out the law here for mobility devices.

Knowing the law means you know you are not breaking it, because you can be ticketed on a mobility scooter.


 Your safety is our primary concern.

Check out what we have done to improve your safety here.

Warranty and Maintenance

Here is what you need to know about maintaining your scooter and your warranty..

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The New NV X3

With many different models to choose from, Newage Vehicles has a scooter to suit your needs.

The NV HO Hill climbing Open scooter.

Rhyno XN08 mini digger

Stylish X5

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