NV E-Bike:






The NV E-Bike is a unique, high end electric assist bicycle, with design focused solely on safety.


A scooter style unisex frame and all at a mid range price .





Just as we did with the NV mobility scooter range, we spent a year thinking about E-Bikes and researching safety factors and known issues.

We started from the ground up and piece by piece sorted each one as we came to it.

The tires are small motor scooter tires, made to carry the extra weight at the extra speeds.

The alloy wheels add strength and durability, while eliminating the known issue with over stressing and stretching spokes and of course they look better and will continue to look better, long after the spoked wheel bikes have rusty brown spokes.

The brakes are again small motor scooter brakes, not push bike brakes.

The frame is completely revamped and is clearly bigger and stronger than any push bike frame.

The latest center drive technology, puts the motor in the middle, centralising the weight distribution.

Just above the motor is the latest technology center mounted suspension, which works in conjunction with the front scooter style suspension and thickly padded large seat. All coming together to make for a very comfortable ride.

To the front we have added a basket for your shoping along with a motor scooter headlight to light your way in the dark.

To the rear we have our unique back seat, also with some thick padding, its own steel bar for the passenger to hold onto and backrest to stop someone sliding off the back.

Big flat foot rests at the back to keep you passengers feet on and the body work sits between the wheel and your legs, when on the back, so no chance of getting clothes or feet caught in the wheel spokes.

and right at the back reflectors and the tail light.



Electric range: 45 kilometers ( Yet to be confirmed ).

Top speed 24kph ( Gps tested with 100kg rider ).

Motor: 300 watts, the biggest allowed.

Seats: 2

 We believe, we set the bar for safety, with our NV E-Bikes, but dont take our word for it.

Go and have a look around and if you can find a safer bike at a better price, buy it, in fact if you can find a safer bike at any price you should buy it.

Nice big comfortable sprung seat.

Dash panel.

54v Battery


 The Law:

Power-assisted Cycles (Declaration Not to be Motor Vehicles) Notice 2013

Pursuant to section 168A(2) of the Land Transport Act 1998, and pursuant to an authority delegated to me by
the General Manager, Access & Use, of the NZ Transport Agency, I, Ian Baggott, Manager Technical Support Certification & MVR, declare power-assisted cycles
(as defined below) fitted with electric auxiliary propulsion motor(s) that have a combined maximum power output not exceeding 300W not to be motor vehicles.
The notice entitled "Power-assisted Cycles (Declaration
Not to be Motor Vehicles) Notice 2011", published in the New Zealand Gazette, 12 May 2011, No. 64, page 1494, is revoked.
Dated at Wellington this 25th day of July 2013.
IAN BAGGOTT, Manager Technical Support Certification & MVR.
Cycle means:
(a) a vehicle that has at least two wheels and
that is designed primarily to be propelled by the muscular energy of the rider; and
(b) includes a power-assisted cycle.
Power-assisted cycle means a cycle to which is attached one or more auxiliary propulsion motors that have a combined maximum power output not exceeding 300W.
Explanatory Note
This note does not form part of the notice but is intended to indicate its general effect:
(a) The definitions of cycle and power-assisted cycle are copied from the Land Transport (Road User) Rule 2004 in order to ensure consistency between the Rule and this notice.
(b) This notice has been amended to refer to electrically powered vehicles only because the usual internal combustion engines being fitted to cycles produce far more than 300W power.
(c) For the avoidance of doubt readers are advised that
the District Court has held that low powered electric scooters are NOT power-assisted cycles, but are motor vehicles (of a type known as mopeds).



Anyone familiar with power knows that higher voltage, results in lower transmission losses in the wires. You can see this in the power grid where local power is 230 volts and the main grid moves power around, at 10's of thousands of volts.

This applies equally to electric vehicles, the higher the voltage the further you go on a charge.

Most E-Bikes come with a 10 amp hour battery and we have a 12 amp hour battery.

This doesnt sound like a big difference, but a 24 volt E-bike with a 10 amp hour battery has 240 watts stored for you to use while ours has 648 watts.

A 36 volt E-Bike with 10ah battery has 360 watts stored.

The inverse of these numbers will enlighten you to the dishonesty of some traders, for instance one  i saw said they have a 432 watt battery (36v 12ah) and a top speed of 32k ph with a 350 watt motor.

So if you know the motor size is 350 watts and you know the stored watts is 432, then you divide 432 by 350 and get 1.2. This is the amount of time the motor will run in hours. So now the top speed is claimed to be 32kph, so 1.2 times 32 is 38.4 and this is the real range of this ebike on power only, so you have to ask yourself ... did they really find a road in NZ, or anywhere for that matter, that was 90k long, all down hill, to get their totally ridiculous claim that you could do 90k on power with this bike ?

Or are they just misleading you, hoping you wont know any better.








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