NV Gen-E-Bike:




The NV Gen-E-Bike with 200k Range.


Total package, petrol / electric Hybrid, 54 volt, 300 watt, Electric assist , Bicycle.


The NV Gen-E-Bike is a game changer.

Top speed 30kph.


A change in the law in 2013, which i clearly read wrong, says this "e-bike style" because it allows it to be ridden without your feet on the pedals is in fact classified as a Moped and requires registration.

Becasue we did not foresee this, we did not require a moped standard for this bike and so it can not be used on the road.

I doubt there is enough of a market for this for "off road" use, but we will investigate further.





Handle bars

Front storage and steel leg protector.

Back seat

Rear showing footrests

Gen and E Bikes showing front baskets

 Big Front seat.


Thick padding and springs. 



I am informed that the paragraph highlighted in red defines this style of vehicle as a low powered electric scooter rather than a power assist cycle.

It would appear that the flat area in front of the pedals, that allows you to ride this without your feet on the pedals, is the defining factor here. I was under the impression that having pedals and being able to be ridden on human power alone, meant it complied with the legal requirements.


The Law:


Direct from the govt web site:

Power-assisted Cycles (Declaration Not to be Motor Vehicles) Notice 2013

Pursuant to section 168A(2) of the Land Transport Act 1998, and pursuant to an authority delegated to me by
the General Manager, Access & Use, of the NZ Transport Agency, I, Ian Baggott, Manager Technical Support Certification & MVR, declare power-assisted cycles
(as defined below) fitted with electric auxiliary propulsion motor(s) that have a combined maximum power output not exceeding 300W not to be motor vehicles.
The notice entitled "Power-assisted Cycles (Declaration
Not to be Motor Vehicles) Notice 2011", published in the New Zealand Gazette, 12 May 2011, No. 64, page 1494, is revoked.
Dated at Wellington this 25th day of July 2013.
IAN BAGGOTT, Manager Technical Support Certification & MVR.
Cycle means:
(a) a vehicle that has at least two wheels and
that is designed primarily to be propelled by the muscular energy of the rider; and
(b) includes a power-assisted cycle.
Power-assisted cycle means a cycle to which is attached one or more auxiliary propulsion motors that have a combined maximum power output not exceeding 300W.
Explanatory Note
This note does not form part of the notice but is intended to indicate its general effect:
(a) The definitions of cycle and power-assisted cycle are copied from the Land Transport (Road User) Rule 2004 in order to ensure consistency between the Rule and this notice.
(b) This notice has been amended to refer to electrically powered vehicles only because the usual internal combustion engines being fitted to cycles produce far more than 300W power.
(c) For the avoidance of doubt readers are advised that
the District Court has held that low powered electric scooters are NOT power-assisted cycles, but are motor vehicles (of a type known as mopeds).










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