The NEW B4:





The new B4 ( Baby) Enclosed Mobility Scooter is a single seat scooter, that retains all of the standard mobility scooter controls, but with the addition of walls doors and roof.

Smaller on the outside, but there is still plenty of room inside and  this will fit through a standard door.

Large wind down windows make for good air flow on the hot days, while the roof keeps the sun off your head.

Big 75 amp hour batteries give it a good range and the 1400 watt motor moves it along at up to 15kph.



While this may look like it is built on a standard mobility scooter frame, the underside of this scooter is more like our bigger scooters with real adjustable double a arm suspension including coil overs and rose joints.



The wheels are smaller, but with taller, wider tyres, it still has 125mm of ground clearance. The motor is mounted above the axle to keep it well out of the puddles.




 Inside there is plenty of space with an adjustable seat and adjustable headrest.

Good leg space and a wide opening for entry and exit.

The heater and radio are built in, with a demist system and usb ports.



Standard controls inside.




All controls at your fingertips.



Scooter size ( L x W x H )

1590mm x710mm x 1600mm

Base weight


Battery weight


Seat weight


Total weight


Front Wheel

14'' pneumatic ( 4.00-6)

Rear Wheel

14'' pneumatic ( 4.00-6)

Anti-tip wheel



75Ah/12V x 2



Charging time , hours



1400W 24V

Turning radius


MAX. speed


Cruising range

25km Tested in NZ with 100kg rider.

Weight capacity

330lbs /150kg

Maximum climbing angle

15° with standard gearbox


PG   200A


Each of the Newage Vehicles enclosed mobility scooters has something that sets it apart from the others in the range. Our idea is to make enclosed mobility available to as many people as possible, by ensuring we have a scooter, that will fit your needs and still keep you warm dry and safe.

 Many people have asked if you can take our scooters in the shops, but while you can take this in the shop, there may be issues with room to open the doors. If you can not open the doors you are limited to getting items on the shelves at window height.

The B4 has a number of advantages over our other larger scooters due to its smaller size and it has the most comfortable seat, but it also pays a price for its smaller size. like less speed, less range and less space for your shopping.






The NV H0 is the Open version of the B4, we supply it with the low speed gearbox only for Hill climbing.

Note the lockable water tight front basket, for keeping your shoping dry and safe.



This is Baldwin st in Dunedin and according to the Guiness book of records it is the steepest street in the world.



 Baldwin street is so steep, tar seal would run off on hot days, so they had to pave it with concrete and the paths on each side are actually steps.



We test our scooters climbing ability on Baldwin street.

The low ratio gearbox, gives added leverage to the regenerative braking and to the electric brake. 

Many scooters can climb hills like Baldwin street, but its more about the ability to get you down safely for us.

The new version NV B4 adds 100ah batteries for longer range, reversing camera, backing radar, inside rearview mirror, remote central locking and the rear hitch factory fitted ready for any extras you mightr need. 

 B4 you buy a mobility scooter make sure you have looked at the NV B4.


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