How Does Newage Vehicles compare ?


We believe we are the pinicle of mobility scooter technology in New Zealand.

Compare our specs with any others and you will see this for yourself.


Only $1 of power per 100 kilometers of driving. Battery life expectancy, over 5 years with normal use and regular charging. With fuel, reg, wof, parts savings of $1500 to $2000 per year, even replacing the batteries in 5 years will leave you with significant savings.

RANGE: (Longest)

We test the range of every scooter, in real world conditions, so we know when we tell you it gets there and back, we are not simply reading from a book and hoping you dont end up stranded on the side of the road with flat batteries.

The NV K8, NV K9, NV X1, NV X2 and NV Buty all have a tested 70k range.

The B4 has a range of 25k and the open N0 has a range of 30k per charge.

SPEED: (Fastest)

Sometimes going faster is actually safer. When you are crossing roads, the less time you spend on the road the safer you are.

With motor size ranging from 800 watts to 1400 watts, the speed of our NV scooters varies from 7kph to 30kph depending on the model. These are the fastest scooters on the market.


CLIMBING: (Steepest)

NV K8 +2, NV X1. NV X2, and NV Buty scooters are good for up to 45 degrees, while the competition are limited to 10 or 12. Even our B4 and HO can manage steep hills.

The reason we out perform others here is 3 fold, first we have extra width, that means we can turn safely on a steeper incline, without falling over.

Secondly we have real brakes, both front and rear, to both stop and hold our scooter, on steeper hills.

And last, but not least, the NV scooter secret weapon for dealing with hills, is our 2 speed gearbox, which allows you to get up, without draining the batteries and then safely control your decent in the low gear.


SAFETY: (Safest)

Built to road use standards for Europe and other countries where this is a legal, low speed vehicle, for use on the road, you just cant go past it for safety.

Like a car this had to go through impact and stability testing to get approval.

Front, rear or side, it is the scooter that will be hit in case of an accident, NOT YOU.

In the one instance where we have had a crash that would have othersise been serious and possibly even fatal, the scooter rider and her passenger not only walked away, but they were able to continue and drive away in the scooter.


SECURITY: (Securest)

Like a car both doors lock with a key and the ignition is also a key switch.

Much harder than any other scooter to steal, because you cant break it down and fit it in your boot, station wagon or van and they are too heavy to lift onto a ute or truck.


OPTIONS: (Unlimited)

The only 3 seat scooter on the market.

Most of the optional extras others offer, come standard on the NV mobility scooter.

They have cane and brolly holders and front and rear baskets and we have all these in 1 "included option" that we like to call " the back seat".

Our "basket" aka " the back seat" is big enough to put your golf clubs in and we can get you, to the golf course, around the holes and home again, all on the same day.



Add a 2 speed gearbox to get up and down hills. (now std on most models).

Add bigger batteries to go further(now std on most models).

Add a radio(now included in most models).

Add a rear view camera.

Add a car dvd dash cam (now standard in most models).

Add a jack and spare wheel.

Add a scooter trailer.



With more ground clearance than the rest, we put you higher in the seat and this means you see more.

Sitting in the drivers seat is like sitting the the cockpit of your own personal jet fighter.



No one misses this going by!!!

Even sitting still, it stands out like a sore thumb!!!

Unlike conventional mobility scooters, that just vanish behind a row of parked cars, this is able to be seen above them, this means you wont find yourself face to face ,with a car pulling into a driveway, because they didnt see you behind the parked cars.

Going to the shops or the mall, people will come up to you and ask about your NV scooter.

My sister said " they look pretty", my mate said "pregnant roller skate", but love them or hate them they all notice them.

We only select bright, highly visible colours, but we have been known to get other colours when the customer has requested this.



We keep a good stock of parts in Wellington, lights, brakes, wheels, tyres, motor, charger, controller, axle, etc all able to be couriered to you ,over night, to keep you on the road.



Lots of factors come into stability, width, length, weight and how high the weight is carried, and where the center of gravity is, are some.

3 wheel cars (like the reliant robin) are notoriously unstable due to high, offset weight, combined with speed.

3 wheel offroad trikes are also unstable, because of the height of the riders weight and the rider being positioned directly behind and above the front wheel.

Convertional 3 wheel mobility scooters suffer from this issue as well, due to height of riders weight directly behind the front wheel and a narrow width.

Even conventional 4 wheel scooters, have issues due to the riders weight being close to the back wheels and have to have anti tip wheels fitted to the rear.

NV K9 scooters do NOT suffer from any of these issues due to the sophistocated design.

Changing the weight distribution and reducing the speed get rid of the tipping problem of the reliant and the offroad trikes and additional width takes care of the 3 wheel mobility scooter tipping issue. Thousands of 3 wheel tuktuk's are used every day in Asia and Europe, using the same format as our 3 wheel scooters, without issues. 

Having the rider sit well forward of the back wheels, eliminates the rearward tipping issue, the 4 wheel scooters suffer from and big wheels with good ground clearance, eliminates the secondary issue for the anti tip wheels which is getting stuck on kerbing.



There isnt another scooter on the market that can compete with the NV scooters range, speed, or hill climbing ability.



Everything on the NV scooter is replacable, so it has limitless durability.

With more batteries than any other scooter, the battery drain is less per battery, so even the batteries will outlast the competition.



We have gone out of our way to provide you the safest, securest vehicle we can, but at the end of the day, it is how YOU use it, that determines YOUR safety.

As the rider it is your responsibility to make safe and sensable choices when operating your NV scooter. As the owner, proper maintenance also falls into your hands and will extend your scooters life.


Honest representation of the NV scooters is the best reason you can have for buying an NV scooter.

Ask anyone who has a scooter, if it goes as far as they said it would in the shop ?

Ask them if the batteries, lasted as long as they were told they would ?

Ask them if they think they got scammed when they brought their scooter ?

Here at Newage Vehicles, we test our scooters right here in New Zealand, so when we say it can do it, more often then not, we can show you the video we took while doing it. 


Newage Vehicles mobility scooters have it all!!!!.

Only the NV scooter puts your health and safety ahead of pricing.

The NV mobility scooter is the only scooter with side, rear and front impact protection, due to its internal metal frame work.

Speed, Safety, Stability, all add up to health and we do this all at competitive prices.

With 6 enclosed models now, we will surely have one that will suit your needs and sometimes we can modify one to better suit you.








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