The NV HO is a Special Order mobility scooter built for Newage Vehicles.

The NV HO is an Open scooter, designed to go up and most importantly, safely, back down steeper Hills .

 The NV HO is a top of the line scooter without compromise.

On the front it has indicators added up high for better visibility when turning, but retains the low ones like other scooters have.

The headlight is a real functional headlight, that will light your path even in areas without street lights.

The suspension is double A arm at the front with real coil over shocks all round.

This provides a very comfortable ride on our less than perfect paths.

The front basket is not only covered, its water proof and has a lock, to keep your valuables safe.



The tiller is easily adjustable and even has a fold out cup holder on it, along with all the buttons and knobs you would expect a scooter to have.

The seat swivels both ways, moves back and forward, up and down, and reclines so you can find your perfect comfort setting.



The rear lights are mounted higher for better visibility and the quick change attachment makes it essy to add or remove rear mounted accessories.


The center of gravity is crucial for stability when climbing hills, you will notice the seat is mounted completely in front of the rear axle.

The batteries are aslo in front of the rear axle under the seat and this means the main weight of the scooter and the rider are centrally located, rather than sitting over the back wheels like many scooters have.

Our optional rear basket is similar in size to the one shown, but it is the same as the front one, waterproof and lockable.


The 1400w motor, coupled to the low speed gearbox make this one of the most powerful scooters on the market.

Tested on Baldwin street in Dunedin, which is recorded by Guinness as being the steepest street in the world.


The NV H0 is a top of the line scooter, without compromise and yet its priced mid range.

It can hold its own against any other scooter on the market, in range, comfort, speed, power, performance, etc.

Biggest motor, 1400 watts.

Biggest controller, 200 amp.

Biggest batteries, 110 amp hour, these are real, deep cycle, sealed, SLA, Gelcell, maintenance free, electric vehicle Batteries. Not the cheaper ones others often try to past off as the real deal.

Biggest wheels in this class. 14 inch tall.

Biggest seat in this class.

Biggest carrying capacity in this class, 205kg.

The only scooter with the lockable waterproof front basket.

Tested real world Range here in NZ.

Tested Hill climbing here in NZ, Baldwin st.

Tested Gutter climbing here in NZ, on 6 inch gutters.

Real suspension, with coil over shocks all round.

Comfortable ride, even on our rough paths.

Easy to drive with 1 hand.

The headlight works well enough to light your way even with no street lighting.

The indicators have an extra set mounted high on the front so they can be seen.

Numerious reflectors for added safety at night.

Tail lights mounted high for better visibility.

We spared no expence when choosing the NV HO and purchased the top of the line scooter, we are not trying to pass off some middle of the road scooter as something it is not, like others often do.

We test our products here in NZ before we say yes this is safe for us to market.

Most importantly we know when we are selling you a scooter, that it is safe for you and for the use you have, from first hand experience, not because some half pied, chinese to english manual, says it should be ok for you.

We could tell you our after sales service is second to none, like everyone else, but to really believe that you will need to buy a scooter and find out for yourself.

You can pay more, but you will be hard pressed to find a better scooter.



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