Warranty and Maintenance



Warranty 12 Months

Some things arrive brand spanking new and dont work, while some times, things get past the checks without getting noticed.

This is why we give you a warranty.

We reserve the right to, at our discretion, extend the warranty to cover, any and all items, that may fail outside the warranty period. In the case of failure within or outside the warranty period your first call should be to Garry on 02041308000.  

You are covered under the consumer gurantees act and our dedication to after sales service. We will not leave you out of pocket if a warranty item fails, a week after the warranty period ends.

The warranty is issued to the original purchaser and is not transferable, without the express consent of Newage Vehicles Ltd. Some conditions may apply before any such consent may be issued.


The NV scooter will last years without issues if used as a scooter, but if you have visited our facebook page and watched the videos, you will know it is not limited to path or road use.

Off road or path use, will tax the scooter more than normal use and increased wear and tear should be expected.

This type of wear and tear is not covered by warranty.

Examples: Our motor is rated IP54, water resistant for use in the wet, but it is not water proof and will be damaged if immersed in a puddle or creek.

The wheel bearings are sealed, but dirt and dust will wear down the seals and shorten their lives.  

While we will do everything, in our power, to keep you moblie, all warranty claim parts will be returned to us for inspection and if found to be non warranty claims, the bill will be forwarded to the owner.

Maintenance is SAFETY and RELIABILITY.

The NV mobility scooter has many built in safety features.

Real Brakes: Seperate front and rear brakes in case 1 fails.

Automatic controller cut out to prevent battery damage, due to over drawing from them.

Overload switch to protect from overheating the wiring and motor.

Big Sealed BLDC motor to allow for riding in the rain.

Windscreen wiper for better visibility.

Key lock doors and ignition to prevent theft.

Reverse beeper and speed limiter.

Doors both sides so you can park against a wall and still get out easily.

Tubeless tyres to allow easy puncture repairs.


Regular maintenance will save you money.


Charging your batteries daily can increase their life from a few years up to 10 years.

Keeping your tyre pressure correct ( 50psi ) will gain you more range.

Keeping your NV scooter in good condition will increase its life, so you can enjoy

your NV scooter for your life time.

Every part on the scooter is replacable, you can keep this one running.

Our warranty is to ensure that you are protected in case of faulty worksmanship or faulty parts.

We check and test ride every scooter before it is shipped, so we can be sure it arrives to you, in the best possible condition, ready to go when it arrives.

If you have issues with your scooter, contact us immediately (02041308000) in case its something we can help with.

Find a scooter shop near you that can service the scooter and organise getting your scooter to them.

We will liase with them and supply parts needed and if its a warranty issue, we will pay the bill.








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