The NV X3 is a perfect transition scooter for those moving from a car to a mobility scooter.


The NV X3 with its new end to end body cover, takes away the boot space from the back and adds it to the inside for added leg room in the front and the back.




The extra 30mm of width makes for more inside space.


The wide front and back screens, make for good visibility.



The Boot has gone in favour of more internal space and a spot to hang a spare wheel on the back.



Inside it has 3 seats and standard car controls.



Safety is heightened with full metal construction and safety glass all round.



Roof mounted spot lights for added light and safety at night.



Wide front seat with seat belt and lever to adjust.




2 Speed gearbox for hill climbing and safe descending.



4 wheel hydraulic disc brakes.


Reconfiguring the body gives us more space inside, with a smaller footprint on the outside, while still retaining the euro style, that is popular world wide.


Features include:

Wider, well padded, front seat.

Lever adjustable for ease of movement and comfort.

Bigger opening side windows.

Roof mounted spotlights for better night vision.

More space in the back for passengers or shopping.


Steel body for better safety and ease of repair if needed.

60v 1000w motor with 2 speed gearbox.

80ah battery pack gives over 100k range per charge.

10 inch alloy wheels for better ground clearance.

Radio, heater and fan come standard.

Reversing camera and dash camera.

Safety glass all round, no more plastic.

Lined interrior cuts down noise.

Front seatbelt.

Rack and pinion steering with solid connecting rods and big ball joints.

Coil over shocks all round.

Door pockets for storage.

Roof rack for added carrying capacity.

Under it is clean and tidy and painted.

High mounted rear stop light.















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