NV Mobility Van

The NV Mobility Van gives you the ability to move more with you.

 Expected arrival late October.

Totally built in steel for safety, with soft side doors to keep you warm and dry.

All our scooters have something the others dont have and this one has a wide seat and the biggest carrying capacity.



Steel consrtuction and the locking boot make it safe for you and secure to carry your stuff in.


Newage Vehicles had this scooter custom built because we believe there is a place in the market for a scooter that will let thiose of you with more abilities get out and earn an income.

The possibilities are endless, pretty much anything you can think of you can do with this scooter.

Because of the full metal coinstruction it is easy to add to the base vehicle or remove from it.

If the box on the back isnt big enough for your needs add a bigger one, add something on top to carry a ladder or other long stuff.


The bigger boot and bigger tires also set this apart from its smaller brother.


2 inces is not much but when you see what that 2 inches equates to in the added space inside the scooter, there is leg room for the driver and still leg room on each side for 2 rear passengers.

You can also see here that the clear panels give you added side vision for the close gaps.


 These are the actual scooters as they are being produced in the factory.



At first glance, anyone familiar with the mobility scooter laws may think this scooter does not comply.

The rules clearly say that the scooter must be designed and built for the purpose, which stops anyone from putting a mobility sticker on their car and driving it down the footpath claiming its a mobility scooter.

The rules do not say that you can not convert your scooter to another purpose and thus this vehicle complies under our law as a mobility scooter, since we have had this van conversion built specifically to our design, to fit your needs.

Unlike our other scooters this one is a complete steel body, which gives it several advantages, primarily added safety for the rider, but also the ability to easily adapt it to any use or purpose you may have.

As an example, you may need more storage space and you can simply cut the back off and add or build a bigger box or leave it off, for a ute or flat deck.

The existing box means adding more batteries for better range is simple and easy to do, there is plenty of room.

50 amp hour batteries give this a real range of around 80k per charge.




.4 wheel Hydraulic disc brakes.



 These guys are making a really tidy job of this, but i had asked for the wiper to be at the top of the screen and as you might notice its just a little short when they have fitted it at the bottom.

Some possible uses for NV MV are:

Wheni had a shop in Lower Hutt a retired guy came around every second week and cleaned windows for $3 or $5 for inside as well.

Add a couple of U hooks on the back to carry a mower and a couple more on the side for a treimmer and you hsave a lawn mowing setup.

Add a roof rack on the top for ladders and other long tools.

Waterblasting set up a water blaster in the back and go out and clean fences etc, i cant tell you how many times i look at a property for sale and see mouldy fences or paths.

Pizza or any other type of local deliveries ... with a full charge costing only $1 its the cheapest delivery vehicle you will ever use.

Lunch deliveries incommercial areas.

Shopping service for those who cant get out to get their own.

Pamphlet or mail deliveries.

Our "out of the box" thinking, ironically results in bringing you a mobile box, and what you choose to do with it will be a life changer.

The Newage Vehicles Mobility Van, not only gets you out and about, but brings into the mix the ability to earn some pocket money.

Something as simple as approaching your local fish and chip shop, or your local 4 square and offering cheap deliveries would get you out and about, meeting new people and make you a few dollars at the same time.










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