We spent over a year researching these scooters, their variants and manufacturers, to bring you the safest scooters we could find.


By seating you higher in the scooter you can see more and our ability to add a rear view camera means those without the ability to turn easily, can easily see behind them.

The height of our scooter means it is not hidden by a row of parked cars and it can be seen.

Added width makes it harder to knock over and safer to turn on inclines.

Added ground clearence means its not limited to the smooth level ground others are restricted to.

Big rear view mirrors on both sides are always in your vision.


All the glass is toughened to reduce scratching and provide the same degree of safety you would expect from your car.


With the growing number of accidents and fatalities world wide and here in New Zealand, the speed of our scooter is a safety feature, if you find yourself in danger you can go faster to get out of the way, while the slow 10kph scooters do not have this ablity. Many of the brand name scooters are now able to do 20kph and many of the others are able to do 25kph, but none of them have the visibility of our scooter. Our 2 speed switch, allows you to drop the top speed of the scooter to 15kph, this is a far safer, max speed, for the path and makes controlling a lower speed, much easier for the rider.

Even when you choose to travel slowly to your destination, you will get there and back and it wont matter if it rains or pours, you will be warm and dry.


The huge, high mounted, water proof, 60 volt motor is designed to get you there and back.

Correctly rated using its shaft output and not is current draw, this is not a 350 watt motor pretending to be a 1000 watt motor, just to make it look good in the advertising.

The internal rotor shaft of our motor, is bigger than most complete motors and produces more torque per pulse. than any other scooter on the market, at the time of writing.


We have a bigger frame than any other scooter and its length provides something solid between you and any front or rear impact.

This frame extends upwards to just below the windows and on the sides to the front and rear of the door.

The door itself has an inner and outer skin to protect the rider in case of a side impact or roll over.


Our batteries are known as Gelcell or SLA (sealed lead acid).

In an accident there is no liquid in them to spill out as the active acid is held in a gell between the plates.

Unlike other scooters that use 2 batteries our scooter uses 5, resulting in a 60 volt system. 60 volts is far more efficient than 12 or 24 volts.

Note: 60 volts is not enough to shock you, even with wet hands you can touch the terminals.

 Ground Clearance:

The added height comes from added ground clearance, this keeps our motor out of the puddles.


Standing still or moving our scooter stands out like a sore thumb because of its size.

A normal enclosed scooter presents a very square "sail" side to the wind and with a width of only 700mm they can be easily blown over by a wind gust.

Our scooter, at 930mm wide, with its rounded design, reduces the risk of this significantly and the wind down windows on both sides, make for an easy escape should it ever be blown or knocked over. 


Bright lighting makes them safe to use at night. Indicators and even a high stop brake light on the trike, keep it highly visible at night.


Seperate front and rear brakes provide not only good braking, but the 2 seperate systems provide safe redundancy in case 1 was to fail.

The park brake is a simple extra lever that locks the front brakes on.


Larger diameter wheels allow you to go where other scooters can not get to.


Locking doors on both sides, make you and your shopping safe on the inside, no one is going to grab your purse or wallett out of the basket as has happened many times to riders of normal scooters.


I will always remember talking to a guy in Fairfield, Lower Hutt, about his shiny, new, expensive scooter. When i said "it looks good" he replied with "yeah but its not as good as it could be" " it was  a nice fine day a few weeks back so i thought id go to the beach for the day" " i got to Petone and cruised along the beach ... but half way home it went flat"

We test our scooters, to make sure when we supply a scooter, that says on the range it does 70k per charge, we have actually driven one and it went that far with the radio and camera running.

Programmable Controller:

Our optional 4800 watt programmable controller gives us the ability to tailor tune the scooter for your area or use. We can control the top speed where too much may not be safe for the rider or we can increase the regenerative braking for those with less strength in their hands or for those who may have many hills in their area.


We use a proper gearbox rather than a chain or belt drive system. This results in much lower maintenance, but creates some gear whine noise inside the scooter. 

The 2 speed gearbox means our scooter can climb and safely decend hills, that others can not contemplate. (Note: many scooters can climb hills well in excess of their specified range, however there is a serious danger of tipping over backwards, an almost surety of tipping sideways, if you try and turn on said hill and even worse significant likelyhood of failure of the braking system on the down hill ride). 


With zero emissions this is as good as it gets.

Totally green and mostly recycleable.


Every part can be replaced removing any durability issues.


There are many visual and audio alerts to keep you and other path users safe. The indicators beep loudly to remind you to turn them off. There is a reverse beeper to warn others, and you, that you are about to go backwards. The dash panel is backlit for night use and has a light to show you the lights are turned on, There is both a fuel tank display for the charge and a voltage number displayed so you always know how much is left.


Safety, handling and ride comfort all rely heavily on the suspension system.

Others offer a couple of springs and call it suspension while we go all the way, with proper, height adjustable, coil over shocks, as found in motorbikes and some cars. The trike has motorbike style telescopic front suspension.


Flexible ABS plastic panels allow for some movement when hit. If someone walks into your scooter this works to reduce injury to them and most small dents will just pop out. Lower panels are mat black so even when scratched they can easily be kept looking tidy.

Regenerative  Braking: (4 wheel K8 only)

Switching regen braking can be turned on to act as power brakes in a car do. This also recharges your batteries as you brake.

Smart Charger:

The double smart charger turns itself off when the batteries are charged. This reduces the risk of fire and damage to batteries from over charging. It also has a second timer activated switch to shut it down after the specified time period

This means if someone forgets to unplug it for a few days you wont have problems.

Smart Controller:  

The smart controller stops the scooter before the batteries can be drained below the safe limit.

Because of the way batteries behave this does not leave you stranded on the side of the road.

Turning the scooter off for a few minutes will allow the batteries to recover some voltage and this will allow you to continue on your way.

During testing, using this method i was able to travel over 1 kilometer to home after running the scooter flat.

Choosing the correct path:

Your choice of the side of the road is very important. When i first started riding my scooter i always chose the side of the road with the least side roads. Now i choose the side with the least tall fences, so i can see whats coming out of driveways.

Always choose safety over comfort.

If i am going somewhere i have not been to before on the scooter, i will usually check the route on google maps and then even google earth so i can see where there are paths and where there arent.

A little preperation before hand, makes for a safe journey, both there and back.

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