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I find myself saying "You wont see a normal scooter doing this", this is a fact, but this is not a challenge. I dont want to see anyone hurt trying to do these things on other scooters.

We always put your safety first, you should too.

I started posting videos online to show what our scooters can do and i really didnt expect anyone to watch the long ones, but it turns out that that they do watch them, start to finish, because, if you have owned a scooter before, you know for sure it wasnt a smart idea to try doing these distances on your scooter.

At the time of writing this, the videos have been online for 6 months and of course most were only added during that time. They have over 18,000 views and thats over 100 views per day. 

Lots of the video's show our scooter doing things that would void your warranty on any other scooter, but please bear in mind, we show this so you know you are safe and the scooter is reliable, well outside any claims or representations of other scooters. This first video is a perfect example of the scooter can do it, if it has too, but its not meant to imply or otherwise show that you should be using your scooter for this sort of activity on a daily basis. 

 Most scooters say on the warranty that using your scooter in the wet, other than to get home after it has started raining, will void your warranty. This video shows the K8 in the rain, after a major down pour, which created serious flooding around wellington recently. As you can see the curbs are covered and they are at least 6 inches high. You wont see any other scooters doing this.

This one is taken in the same place, but on a dry day. It shows the same K8

scooter  going up and down the same 6 inch gutters with ease. Many scooter suppliers will tell you their scooter can do this and often the manual will claim this.

All i can say here is where is their video of their scooter doing it ???


On the outside the K8 doesnt look like it has room for 2 or 3, but as you can see in this video, taken with the roof off, there is plenty of room for 2. You dont need to buy any extras with our scooter because you have room for your shoping or walking stick in the back seat. There is even a strap you could strap in an oxygen bottle of you needed to.

Sometimes it doesnt matter how many times you take a video. it just doesnt do the justice it deserves.

This picture shows a K8 about to head down the side of the hutt river stop bank.



The stop bank doesnt look too steep or too high here until the next picture.

This video shows a K8 going down and then back up this grass bank, which is about 40 to 45 degrees, with ease. As you can see when testing you have to try everything so i tried reversing back up first. You wont see another scooter do this.

We repeated this test with a $6200 shoprider deluxe and the brakes failed to hold on the down trip and the scooter failed to get back up. The manufacturers specifications suggest the shoprider is about the same power as the Newage vehicles scooter, with gearing that should have made it easy for it to climb this bank. When we say "you wont do that on a normal scooter" its not just talk, we have tested them. The pictures here are our K8 single speed and even without the 2 speed gearbox the K8 can climb this bank with a run up.


Why stand in line when you can sit and wait in comfort in the drive through ?


Most mobility scooters are limited to the flat paths, because its not safe to expect them to go out on the rough stuff. This video shows our 3 wheel Enclosed Scooter doing a bit of off roading. Its only on the way back down you can clearly see there are 3 people in this scooter.


What if you took a normal mobility scooter and added a roof, walls and doors ... would that be able to go out in the wet ???

Here is our B1 and as you can see its at home on road, off road, in the wet, through the puddles and yet it still retains all the standard functions you are familiar with on every other scooter.



With its taller doors and swing away hinges and extra leg room in the front, the NV X1 is very suitable for the taller rider. The back seat still takes a passenger or 2 kids.



Going the distance:

These videos are to show that you can get out there and do the distances we have suggested our Newage Vehicles Enclosed Mobility Scooters are capable of. This video was recorded after the second set of batteries were fitted, but during testing we have done this trip many times in a 3 wheel and 4 wheel scooter, with only 1 set of batteries fitted.




Going up a longer steep hill shows even without the 2 speed gearbox this scooter has the power to get you there.


In China, testing is a little less accurate and a little more overkill. Here they pick a mountain called Mount Gelle and head up a road known locally as Gele hill road. Pack in as many big guys as you can and then add one more on the back just for good measure ....... please remember, these are road legal vehicles in many parts of the world.


This is another long ride, but this time filmed from one scooter following another, so you can see how it deals with road crossings etc on the journey.


This video shows the scooter out on a windy day. The scooter is uneffected pretty much like cars are, but you can see the wind blowing the trees and at one point you can see washing blown up over the fence.


This one is showing off the brakes. Out of no where a car appears and its in a hurry.

Its just before 3pm and school is getting out in a few minutes and im guessing she is late for picking up the kids.

Your scooter is generally covered under your home and contents insurance, but because its a big ticket item you need to tell them about it, if you havent spoken to your insurer already, now is a good time to remember to do this.










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